{March 10, 2007}   Aloha, it’s Mataya Black Hawk

Welcome to MATTIE’S DANCE JAM. I’m your host, Mataya Black Hawk. I was the main teenage character from the Young Adult Fiction novel, Dance Jam Productions by Celise Downs.

But I’m all grown up in my early 20’s now. As a favor to Celise, I’m helping her to continue plugging the book that made me so famous. 

On this site, you’ll be able to:

  • Read about the YA novel, Dance Jam Productions
  • Read Chapter One from Dance Jam Productions
  • Buy as many copies as you want–by clicking on the link in the page–of Dance Jam Productions
  • Get the scoop on the author who wrote Dance Jam Productions

and you’ll be checking out posts on all things dance:

  • personal experiences: from my days as a co-host on Dance Jam Productions, from the author, Celise Downs, and from people like YOU!
  • dance movies
  • dance music
  • dance history
  • dance books (hey, it’s possible)
  • dance whatever I can pull out of my hiney

Hope you all decide to stick around.


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