{April 2, 2007}   Dance Movie Monday: ‘Breakin’

This day is going to be dedicated to movies where the main focus is, well, dance. Sbreakin.jpgome of these might’ve been before my time, but there’s this wonderful invention called cable (yes, we even get it all the way out here on the island of Kahului). At some point in time, I have seen these movies.

So we’re going to kick it off with the movie, Breakin’. Did you guys ever see this one? Released in 1984, the basic premise is that a struggling young jazz dancer meets up with two break-dancers and together they become the sensation of the street crowds. It features ICE-T in his film debut as a club MC.  It even received a nomination for the Young Artist Award in the category of Best Family Motion Picture-Musical and Comedy in 1985.

It’s about the meshing of two different genres of dance: break dancing and jazz . It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie, but it reminds me that we don’t see break dancing much anymore. It’s been reduced to the “cheese” factor. People do the Robot, the Wave, the lockin’ and poppin’ motions and we all think “Gah, that’s so 80’s.” It’s laughable, a genre of dance that’s pretty much made fun of now.

Every once in a while, I’ll see the progression of this type of dancing in videos or movies. And it’s good! The moves are more innovative, more dangerous. And so not 80’s.

So, I gotta question for you: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DANCE MOVIE?


D. says:

If you’ve seen the modern version of this ole classic – the movie Rize –
I guess i gotta say I like any move by Miss Prizzie!

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Celise says:

What’s up girlio? I think I actually went to the movie theater to see this movie when it came out. LOL. Good choice to start out. As of right now, my favo dance movie is “Step Up” with that hottie Channing Tatum.

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