{April 13, 2007}   First Dance Friday

Welcome to the first edition of First Dance Friday. I hope more of you will write in with your stories. Dee M. of Jacksonville, IL writes:

I remember my first dance(s), if not the first actual
dance.  I grew up dancing.  My mother has told me that as a
little girl, I danced around the room when I wasn’t feeling
well; to make myself feel better. 
But what I truly remember on my own, are my mother and
father, turning on the music of the record player or radio
and dancing in our livingroom.  We had a linoleum floor,
and they could truly jitterbug and waltz, and boy could
they move!  I loved watching them, but after a time I’d run
up and grab hold of their legs and try to dance with them.

Instead of asking me to wait, my parents would let me dance
with them.  So there we were… me on my Dad’s feet,
holding on to his legs, sandwiched in between my Dad and my
Mom, and we would waltz!

What I wouldn’t give for a picture of that today for my
scrapbook.  Alas, I will just have to settle for it in my
“memory” book I suppose.  Those times dancing as a family,
made of me a lover of dancing for life.

Thanks for sharing, Dee. What a great memory! I imagine that was the “first dance” for all of us young’uns out there. Maybe I’ll share my story some time.

When was your first dance? How old were you? Did you go by yourself or with friends?

Send your stories to me at mattie_bhawk[at]yahoo[dot]com. Please be sure to include name, city and state.


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