{April 16, 2007}   Dance Movie Monday: ‘Dirty Dancing’


Who can forget the most popular dance movie–of the 80’s–of all time? Celise told me she had “the time of her life” seeing this movie 10 times! Sad to say, this movie came out two years before I was born (1987), so I never got a chance to see it on the big screen. However, The Girls (Ren and Mici) and I had frequent Girls Night In parties and rented it.

So, you all remember the plot, right? Frances “Baby” Houseman spends the summer at a holiday camp with her family and ends up falling for hunky Johnny Castle, the camp’s dance instructor. Personally, I’ve never considered Patrick Swayze a hottie, but I really loved him in this movie. I remember the scene where she was learning the dance steps for that dance demonstration. It was the three of them, Johnny, Baby and Johnny’s partner, Penny. Baby was sandwiched between the two of them as they danced around the room. Mici, Ren and I were foolish enough to “try that at home” and nearly crashed to the floor. LOL. Apparently, we weren’t coordinated enough for that type of dancing. But we had fun trying.

Like last week’s movie, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, this movie also promotes dancing with a partner, which is why it’s become another favorite. I liked “Girls” because it’s so close to what Jarek and I did for Dance Jam Productions. I love this one even more because the dance style was different and you saw Baby struggle to learn something new. Not to mention the other stuff he taught her after hours. Yow!

Favorite scenes:

~ Baby practicing her moves across the bridge and how she kept messing up before she finally got it.

~ I call it The Water Scene, where they’re practicing the overhead lift in the lake.

~ The end dance scene–OF COURSE–right before he says that corny line,”Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

From what I’ve been hearing, it’s the 20th Anniversary of this movie week and they’re re-issuing the movie again. Celise told me they’re showing it in the theaters again, too, but only for one day; including never-before-seen footage. Never-before-seen footage that’s probably on the original DVD. Or if you buy this 20th Anniversary edition you see here=> dd2.jpg

Next week, I’ll talk about the other Dirty Dancing movie.

So, what’s your favorite dance movie?


Oh yeah, Dirty Dancing is favorite of mine! It’s in my home movie library. 🙂 🙂

Celise, I just realized I’m blogging with your characters. haha!

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