Dance has been a major part of my life since I was a child, but it’s all about the movement. The native Hawaiian dances I was taught as a child tell a story; every hip roll, every hand position, every arm sweep. Even the more vigorous steps the males had to learn tells a story about the ancestors from my island home.

One of the many things I love about dancing is the choreography. For some, it’s movement before music. Meaning, you learn the steps first and then put them to music. This was how it was taught in my dance classes. This is how My Boy works. It was harder for me to learn this method because I wanted to know what the steps meant. LOL. In actuality, they were meaningless. It was just a step, or a sequence of steps, and we looked cool doing them. Period.

My own method is music first, then the steps. Depending on my mood, I pick a song and close my eyes while listening to it. And then the steps just…come. A week or so ago, during some much needed down time, I was watching BET. They were counting down the “25 most hottest dancers” or something like that. Basically, they were acknowledging certain musical artists with superb dance moves. Of course, they mentioned The Gloved One, but they also gave props to people like Cab Calloway, The Nicholas Brothers (waaaaaaaaay before my time), and Gene Kelly.

They also mentioned Ciara. Have you seen the video for her song Promise? Feel free to check it out now if you’d like.

Really. No, go ahead. I’ll wait.

I’m just gonna get some iced tea while you do that. Can I get you anything? No? Ok. I’ll be right back.

I chose this video of hers for one clip in particular: the one where she’s wrapped around the microphone stand as it nearly touches the floor.


I can just imagine how much fun she had doing that. I can also imagine how many takes they had to do because she kept saying “That was fun. Can I do it again?” Her choreography totally rocks, even though you can’t see much of it in her “Get Up” video. She should’ve worn white pants instead. Just sayin’.  I don’t know anything about her dancing background. If she does her own choreography, what’s her method? Maybe she has a professional come in.

I’m curious. To all you dancers out there, what’s your dance routine method?


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